Baron and Kukup Beach

This beach is situated in Gunung Kidul. To achieve, we must first reach the city Wonosari. Mountain Capital District, located south approximately 40 miles from the city of Yogyakarta, Infrastructure road leading into town is pretty good Wonosari, winding roads up and down through some beautiful scenery area.

Distance City Wonosari with Baron beach approximately 20 miles, with full of coconut trees. This bay is the estuary of the river under the rocks where the water is clear enough. Baron beach is rather large waves, but visitors can still swim at the beach is served until the permitted limit, which marks a stretch of wire that stretches above the bay.

Baron Beach

Kukup trips to the beach, is a chain of recreational visits to the beach Baron, because the distance between the two beaches is approximately only 1 km course, if Baron black sand beach, the sand beaches of this Kukup another situation, namely the white sandy yellowish. Cave-cave coral shade, as well as many marine water ornamental fish found in this area and very enticing tourists to see the sea of ​​Indonesia so fascinating. 

Kukup Beach

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